Andy Spyra bemerkt folgendes über seine Kashmir Serie:

„I first came to Kashmir in the early spring of 2007 at the end of a motorcycle trip across India and simply fell in love with the region, the people, the light and the athmosphere of this remote place of the world.

But as much as i love it, the much I disrelish the political situation of the valley. Squeezed in between the two atomic powers and archenemies India and Pakistan, the people of Kashmir are the ones who suffer the most from the conflict when their wives and sisters get raped and murdered and sons and husbands disappear or simply get shot during one of the countless demonstrations against the indian military presence in the region.

Sometimes I was invited into private houses where the family-members would mourn over te death of a beloved one and seeing what the death of only one person does to a family, the death of more than 60.000 persons during the kashmir-conflict is simply beyond my comprehension. Psychologically the whole valley is traumatized and I hope that through my photography people are able not only to see kashmir as I see it, but also to feel it. Just as I do.“

(Andy Spyra)

Hier die Serie:

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